Shrivastava, Umesh

Manifestations of Rural Entrepreneurship: the Journey so far and Future Pathways - India Springer 2020 - 01-29p.

Rural entrepreneurship has manifested into a diverse and progressive feld of
research in the last two decades. It has seen research amalgamating from diferent
felds and faculties. Rural entrepreneurship however is scattered and lacks categorization. Therefore, literature review on rural entrepreneurship to understand what
has been done and what can be done seems imperative. The main aim of this paper
is to ofer the readers a clear picture of diferent categories in rural entrepreneurship
research. This aim is achieved by performing a Bibliometric citation analysis and
thereafter a thematic analysis to identify major areas where rural entrepreneurship
research has been concentrated in the last 20 years. The study is based on 158 papers
on rural entrepreneurship published in the last two decades. Despite a vast pool of
publications, four major themes are identifed; Spatial dimension, Sustainability,
Income Generation and Barriers in rural entrepreneurship. From these themes 16
sub-themes have emerged during the review. Many gaps are identifed in each category and avenues for further advancement of rural entrepreneurship is discussed.

Rural enterprise

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