Sodhi, Simran

Developing Entrepreneurship among Disadvantaged Society in Independent India - India Association of Indian Universities 15-08-2022 - 39-43p.

Today, when we talk of entrepreneurship in India, we do not limit our deliberation to this particular word. In India, entrepreneurship is an umbrella term that covers various entrepreneurial segments. Here we are articulating rural entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurship, differently-abled entrepreneurship, and many others. However, this is one of the many clusters described as "Disadvantaged Entrepreneurship". At this point, India is moving towards an ecosystem suitable for entrepreneurship, and what makes it more phenomenal is the inclusive growth of all segments of the country. Amongst these, disadvantaged segmentation of entrepreneurship has played a significant role in uplifting those corners in the dark for quite a long time. Every other economy on the globe is supportive of their entrepreneurial ventures. Nevertheless, very few are targeting all segments to become entrepreneurial or better; we can say "Atmanirbhar". However, the canvas we can see today is the outcome of seventy-four years. From 1947 to 2021, India has worked steadily towards a self-reliant nation. Today, when India is approaching seventyfive years of independence, we can say that we have made our foundational leaders proud. The seeds of entrepreneurship they had sown some seven decades ago have turned into a blossomed tree. The fruitful results have brought us Amrit Mahotsav of India's seventy-fifth Independence year. This article will take us on the historical journey of India from when we took our first step towards Entrepreneurial Bharat.

Developing Entrepreneurship
Independent India
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav
Disadvantaged Entrepreneurship

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