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100 _aBhaskaran, Bala
245 _aMSMEs: Networking for Growth
260 _aAhmedabad
_bSahitya Sadhana Trust
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520 _aThe devastating onslaught of Covid-19 pandemic has not left any sector of the economy untouched by its malignant influence. Only the degree of damage varies from sector to sector and entity to entity. The focus here is on developing small and medium enterprise (MSMEs) sector in context of'Atmanirbhar Bharat' (self reliant India). The central and the state governments announced various programmes and schemes to mitigate the damages and enable them to come through the crisis as early as possible. Industry associations and forums are also exploring ways and means to help individual MSMEs cope with the emerging situation. Each of these programmes and schemes has its own merits and demerits in terms of its relevance and applicability to the individual MSME. In all such calamitous situations, it goes without saying that the ability of an individual entity to survive through the crisis, primarily hinges upon its own mental faculty of self-confidence, tenacity, resourcefulness, ingenuity and access to resources. Hence it is imperative that all external help and support should aim at enhancing precisely these ingredients.
650 _aMSMEs
650 _aNetworking
650 _aGrowth
650 _aAtmanirbhar Bharat
650 _aCovid-19 Pandemic
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