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The startup owner's manual: the step-by-step guide for building a great company - Pescadero, Calif. : K&S Ranch, Inc., 2012. - xxix,571p.illust

Introduction : A repeatable path ; Why a second decade? ; The four steps: a new path -- Getting started : The path to disaster: a startup is not a small version of a big company -- The path to the epiphany: the customer development model -- The customer development manifesto -- Step one: Customer discovery : An introduction to customer discovery -- Customer discovery, phase one: State your business model hypotheses -- Customer discovery, phase two: "Get out of the building" to test the problem: "Do people care?" -- Customer discovery, phase three: "Get out of the building" and test the product solution -- Customer discovery, phase four: Verify the business model and pivot or proceed -- Step two: Customer validation : Introduction to costumer validation -- Customer validation, phase one: "Get ready to sell" -- Customer validation, phase two: "Get out of the building and sell!" -- Customer validation, phase three: Develop product and company positioning -- Customer validation, phase four: The toughest question of all: pivot or proceed? -- The startup owner's manual "site" map -- Appendix A. Customer development checklists -- Appendix B. Glossary -- Appendix C. How to build a web startup: a simple overview.


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