• The library will be opened from 8 AM to 12 AM (midnight) on all week days. It will be closed on holidays observed by the Institute.
  • Each member will be issued one bar-coded ID card on which books can be borrowed as per eligibility.
  • Circulation transactions will be closed half-an- hour before library closing hour.
  • It is compulsory to sign in the member’s register while entering/leaving the library.
  • Personal books and belongings are not allowed into the library.
  • All the members are requested to sign on the yellow card at the time of borrowing the book.
  • If there are no reservation requests for the books issued to a member then it can be renewed.
  • The Librarian may recall any book at any time.
  • To ensure the availability of library materials to the users, members will have to pay overdue charges, if they fail to return the library documents on or before the due date. The overdue charges are ₹ 10/- per day for each book.
  • If the library book is lost, member can replace the book either with the same edition or latest edition otherwise the library will collect three times of the cost of lost book, besides ₹ 100/- as processing charges.
  • If the library ticket is lost, members should immediately inform the Librarian. However ₹ 50/- will be charged to issue a duplicate card.
  • For photocopies, members will have to fill in the request form and handover the same along with the document to be photocopied to the library counter. The photocopying charges are ₹ 1 per exposure for A4 size and ₹ 2 for bigger size. The photocopies may be collected next working day.
  • EDI Programme reports/documentation/materials could be photocopied only with permission from the concerned Programme Director.
  • Putting any pencil/pen mark on a library resource is treated seriously and calls for penalty, as suitably decided by the Librarian.
  • If a member damages any library book / periodical / videocassette / CD / equipment or any other material, he/she will have to replace the same at his/her own cost.
  • While using the library, the members will have to strictly follow the library rules and also should maintain absolute silence in the library premises.
  • Mobiles are strictly not allowed in and outside the library premises.
  • Making noise, watching movies in laptop, discussions, bringing eatable items or doing anything else which may disturb other readers or which may be against the discipline of the library is strictly prohibited.
  • Members are advised to observe proper dress code.
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